The Fallen Word and Collected Films DVD by artist/filmmaker Oliver Harrison. Funded by Arts Council England, this limited edition package features The Fallen Word and a selection of shorts including: Amore Baciami, Time, Spirit of Place, Love is All and Apocalypse Rhyme.  DVD extras include: an interview with the director, behind the scenes footage and a super 8 film, shot at St. Martin's in Long Acre.  The DVD comes with a booklet with stills and an introductory essay by Animate Projects’ Gary Thomas.

Another England. A fanatical sect, The Holy Exaltation, have taken power. Their harsh rules forbid free thinking, art, music and poetry. Beauty IS sin. The only hope of salvation lies with the poets. These wordsmiths have formed into gangs and in verbal duels, battle for supremacy under he cover of darkness. Words have become valuable and - like rays of light and colour in the gloom - save souls and awaken minds but there is a problem...When a mysterious casket is left in the possession of one of the gangs for 'safe keeping', they do not fathom the full horror of it's contents: for this is the Fallen Word, a word that once uttered, has dire consequences. Following the disappearance of one of the gang members, this lethal weapon falls into the hands of the enemy.  Never let it be said...